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The Supreme Court Versus Democracy: Moore v. Harper, An Assault on Democratic Rights

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Released to coincide with the oral arguments for the Moore v. Harper Supreme Court case, this pamphlet is based on a speech made by Brian Becker in July 2022 at the Fifth Party Congress of the Party for Socialism and Liberation. 

“We have entered a new political period in the domestic struggle. This will be an epoch-shaping battle. It will be a test for the genuinely progressive movement."

“Like the slaveholders who launched a civil war in spite of their capture of the federal system just a few years prior, the right wing of the ruling class in the modern day has decided that the form of government must be radically shifted, despite their current strength within it. Their movement will be wrapped in the form of Constitutional ‘originalism’ but its content is to overturn the democratic gains made by the people’s movements in the last century.”